Blessing of the Hounds

First held on November 28, 1929, Grace Episcopal Church was one of the first churches in the country to have a “Blessing of the Hounds” service–a tradition that has continued each Thanksgiving Day since.

By the late 1700’s in England, foxhunting had taken on the forms that remain today. It has been a popular sport in Virginia since colonial times, and it continues customs and traditions that are mostly English in origin. The blessing of hunting hounds is an ancient practice that today features traditions and rituals developed over the centuries. After the foxhunters, their horses and hounds, and even the foxes have been blessed, the hunt begins. All who attend “The Blessing of the Hounds” are welcome to follow across the road for a glimpse of this fascinating tradition.

Blake Robinson Photography

Thanksgiving Day Offering

Each year 1/2 of the offering is dedicated to a charity serving animals and 1/2 to other charities. The past year two local charities were:

  • Montanova Equestrian Foundation
  • Lafayette Academy Therapeutic Riding Program